Art gallery light
Illuminating the Artistic Brilliance

Provide art gallery light since 2013. See the world through an artist’s eyes with our expertly crafted lighting that brings masterpieces to life and showcases their true brilliance.

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Mini Profile 40z Track Wte 01

Space Mini Profile 40Z

40Watt track mount LED gallery light

Panto Leko 60 Main View 1

Panto Leko 60

60W tunable white LED profile spot IP65

Mini Fresnel 50tz Blackwhite

Mini Fresnel 50TZ

A powerful mini fresnel light with tunable output

What did our clients say?

Our clients rave about the results they've seen from working with us, praising our dedication to their success and the impact we've had on their business.

Ovation CTC 300 profile lights have added a professional touch to our productions. The clarity and crispness of the beam is unmatched....

The lighting for our play was beautiful. The Fresnel lights helped to create a warm and intimate atmosphere on stage, while the PAR lights helped to create a sense of depth and movement. The team at Ovation was great to...

Ovation fresnel lights have provided us with the versatility we need to create the perfect lighting for each scene. The focus and intensity control is fantastic....

We were so pleased with the stage lighting at our conference. It was very professional and well executed. The lighting really helped to create a perfect atmosphere for our event. The team was very responsive and helpful throughout the planning...

The Fresnel lights used in our play were fantastic. Ovation provided a great deal of control over the spotlighting, which allowed us to really highlight the actors’ performances. We were very impressed with the results!...